superbowl contender arrests

from Iks211:

“Keep an eye on all of the teams with multiple PED, DUI, Domestic Abuse, etc. suspensions during the off-season.

Almost all can be eliminated from real Super Bowl contention, Day One. It’s just how these things seem to play out.”

Then how do you explain these, all in 2014:

SEA: Spencer Ware – DUI – 1-12-2014

SF: Daniel Kilgore – Public Intoxication – 1-26-2014

SF: Chris Culliver – Reckless driving, weapon – 3-28-2014

SF: Aldon Smith – Disorderly Conduct – 4-13-2014

DEN: T.J. Ward – Assault – threw glass at bartender – 5-22-2014 (resolution undetermined)

KC: SeanSmith – DUI – 6-9-2014

I’m sure there are more to come, but I guess this already eliminates SF from contention, according to Iks211.  I’m sure Seattle is happy to hear that.  But one more arrest from them, and they are out as well.  And DEN better watch their step – just one more and they won’t make it either.